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Coat of Arms of the Village of Vetren Dol, Municipality of Septemvri, Pazardzhik district

Blazon: Or, bar wavy Azure between three poplar-trees against the wind and a mill-wheel all Vert.
Heraldic Design: Plamen Tsvetkov,after the idea of Aleksandar Aleksiev
Artist: Radoslav Iliev
Poppler trees against the wind: the name of the village-Valley of the Winds, the Nature element, the strength of the inhabitants, standing up against the hardship, the ecological balance
The water-mill wheel:the diligence of the Vetren dol people, using the force of nature for prosperity and progress.
The river: the old name of the village-Eli dere or Fifty rivers, dynamics, the active spirit, the harmony, the wealth of water in the settlement and especially the mineral springs
Or: the wealth of spirit and virtue, the location in the Thracian plane
Vert: hope,refresh, harmony with nature and society, the Rhodopi mountain
Azure: nobility
The pattern of the shield repeats the first Coat of Arms of the district town Pazardzhik, where the village is situated.

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