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The Legend

A legend says that once upon a time there was a sea in the Chepino valley and then the mountains tumbled down and all its water came down through the Chepino gorge, where Chepinska River flows today. There was a huge beast like a whale, which lived in the sea and when the water came down the huge animal died without water between the villages Vetren dol and Bratanica and the dogs ate its flesh for a long time. That's why they call the field there Dog's field. They called the ridge with the Greek word archiarch after the beast - from and then the Turks turned it into Karkaria from Harharia. Another tale talks about a huge horse, which trapped on the Golak hill and that's why the area there resembles a horse shoe. The horse was chased and injured and that was the reason to hide in the Rhodopean mountains.