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Where is Vetren dol

Vetren dol is situated in South Bulgaria on 42.1618 latitude and 24.1514 longitudes, in the eastern part of the gorge of Chepinska River-at the foothill of the western-rhodopean ridge Karkaria just at the beginning of Upper Thracian plane. The village is situated, where the river enters the valley and also it wore its old name Eli dere until 1934. The local river, which comes down from the ridge Karkaria is called Vrashtika. In the past the main road from Pazardjik to Velingrad, built in 1896/1897 passed through Vetren dol first and then trough Varvara, like it is now.
The altitude of Vetren dol is 260 meters above sea level. South from the village is the hill "Sveta Troica"-430 m. and southeast the hill "Golak"-457 m. The highest peak is Kalchish-1475 m.

Vetren dol is part of Septemvri municipality, Pazardjik district. Until 1978 it was part from Varvara municipality, which no longer exists. It also included the villages Varvara, Semchinovo, Simeonovec and Lozen-now part of Septemvri local authorities. There were unsuccessful attempts through a local vote to regain the borders of the old municipality in 2001

The distances from Vetren dol to the district city Pazardjik is 16 km, to the municipal centre Septemvri 6 km, to Belovo 15 km, to the spa resort Velingrad 27 km, to the second largest city Plovdiv 54 km and to the capital Sofia 104 km. The nearest villages to Vetren dol are: Varvara, Patalenica, Bratanica and Lozen. The Chepinska River was the natural border between Varvara and Vetren dol, but not anymore-nowadays only has a street separated the both villages.

How to get to Vetren dol:

  • From the highway A1 take the turning to Velingrad and pass through the following villages and towns :Vinogradec, Karabunar, Zlokuchene, Septemvri and finally Varvara.
  • From Sofia or Plovdiv take the first class road E 80 and on the turning near the town of Septemvri you go the road to Velingrad and turn left in Varvara.
  • From Plovdiv and Pazardjik through the 84 road to Velingrad trough the villages of Zvanichevo, where you turn left and Bratanica.
  • From the main road from Greece to Sofia E 79 take the turn near the town of Simitli and then drive the road 19 through Gradevo, Predela, Razlog/Bansko and then take the road 84 through Banya, Belica, Dagonovo, Yurukovo, Cherna Mesta, Yundola, Velingrad and Varvara.
  • From Pazardjik or Pestera take the second class road 3706 through the villages of Debrastica,Crancha and Patalenica.