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According to the statistics in principality Bulgaria there was a school in 1895-1896 in Vetren dol and this school had existed since 1870. It was a primary school and one teacher taught 38 schoolboys and 5 schoolgirls. The building of the school was built in 1855 and was situated next to the church and it belonged to the municipality. It wasn’t supposed to be a school at first - it had two rooms, but only one was used as a classroom. The estimated price of the building and the yard was 200 leva. The school had no globe, no maps or other teaching stuff. It had only two science books and 12 magazines. Their estimated price was 50 leva. The first teacher was the priest Tomah from the village of Malko Belovo. Other teachers in the beginning were: Papironkov from Pazardjik, Bubarev from Kozarsko, Miladin Dossev from Chepino, Ilia Krastin from Skrebatno and Todorka Stoimenova from Pazardjik.

In 1892 the pupils from first, second, third and fourth grade still studied in the only room of the church’s extension. Their teacher was Angel Popov from the village of Patalenica. The teaching was quite primitive those days. In 1894 Angel Popov was replaced by the teacher Nicola Zaikov, who had third grade education. In 1895 Zaikov quit and his substitute was Ivan Dimitrov from the village of Gelemenovo- also with third grade education. In 1898 the school was moved into the house of Dimitar Madjunov.

The teaching in this house lasted two years. In 1910 a new small school was built. The teaching was only in one class. In 1915 due to the increase of pupils two united classes were formed in two classrooms. Another teacher came - Doctor Todorka Pocepuhova. The need for junior high school grew in the village, because the students had to study in Cruncha after leaving the school in Vetren dol. In January 1922 the first junior high school class was founded in one of the rooms of the municipality building - the town hall. Rujana Vassileva was appointed headmistress of this school. In October 1922 a second junior high school class was opened. The junior high school class was on the first floor of the town hall along with two other rooms for the primary school. The rooms were small and inconvenient. On the same floor there were the rooms of the taxman and the doctor. The classes were often disturbed by the regular visits of ill people in the building. This was the reason for the municipality to give all the rooms on the first floor for the needs of the school.

In September 1923 a third junior high school class was opened. The headmistress was Dimitria Angelova. This same year the school began to function with full seven classes - three in the junior class and four in the primary school. In 1925 - 1926 school year, regular junior high school teachers were sent to the school of Vetren dol with different specialties. The head master was Petko Frangov from the village of Cerovo. In 1926-1927 the number of the classes increased. In 1930 a new convenient school was built. The classes were then held in normal conditions. Physics and chemistry classrooms were equipped and in the fifties a workshop for woodworking was built in a separate building.

In 1953-1954 a half day kindergarten was founded in the school and in 1961-1962 it was moved to a new independent building. The first name of the kindergarten was “Detelina Mincheva”, which turned later in “Detelina” only. The name of the school was “Queen Joanna” first and then the school accepted the name of the Bulgarian poet Hristo Smirneski, and it still has this same name today. Nowadays 204 pupils study in the school; there are 17 teachers and 4 people who work as additional staff. All teachers are professional qualified teachers. There is a canteen, a library and a playground with basketball, volleyball and football ground, a gym, a work shop and a separate building for the primary school. The headmistress is Maria Karaivanova.

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