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In Vetren dol there is an opportunity for developing an alternative tourism. There are excellent conditions for fishing tourism due to the fact, that all the wetlands and rivers in and around the village permit fishing all year round. Other opportunity is rural tourism. The gardens of Vetren dol have so many fresh fruits and vegetables and the food which is offered by the housewives is only home-made or home-grown. In the ridge Karkaria there are possibilities for trekking. The paths should be marked. The nature also offers some options for tourism - botanical or bird watching tourism is welcomed here. The species of birds are more than 150

Accommodation: In the village there are about ten homes, which are willing and able to accept guests. You will enjoy the spirit of the Bulgarian hospitality in these homes. Other options are the hotel and motel in the neighboring village Varvara!
Come to Vetren dol!

From Vetren dol you can visit or go to:
  • Medieval fortress Cepina
  • Monastery "Saint Peter and Paul" and the ancient church "Sveti Dimitar" in Patalenica
  • Locality and church "Saint Marina" in Varvara
  • Chalets Milevi skali, Ravno Bore and Kladova in Alabak Ridge
  • Varvara mineral hot springs
  • Chalet Dobra voda and locality Livadite near Debrastica
  • The basilica Saint spas in Belovo
  • Thracian settlement Emporium pistoris in Vetren
  • Lake Batak and the historical town Batak
  • Pazardjik
  • Velingrad
  • Brazigovo
  • Panagyuriste
  • Strelcha
  • Plovdiv
  • Bachkovo monastery
  • Vinogradetz wine cellar
  • And many others….