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The word "vetren" in Vetren dol means "wind" in Bulgarian. Wind has a very important place in the history and climate of Vetren dol. Not many towns have "wind" in their names. The local wind, called "rechnick"(river breeze) or "vechernick" (evening breeze), is very favorable for the village, it helps for the fresh air, prevents frost and fog, brings coolness in the hot summer. Every morning and evening the local mountain wind blows and lives together with the people of Vetren dol.

Thanks to the wind the village of Vetren dol has a unique microclimate, which lets some special fruits to grow here. Here you can cultivate fig, pomegranate, medlar, kiwi, lemon and other southern fruits. And also the traditional apple, pear, apricot, peach, plum, quince, cherry, sour cherry, tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, potato and so on.
The persistence of the local wind gives another positive result: it prevents other kinds of wind to destroy houses and estates of the people.
It comes from the Chepinska river gorge and affects ONLY Vetren dol.
Mountain-valley winds typically are periodical: they blow from fields to mountain during days, and in the other direction during nights.

The local wind is one of the symbols of Vetren dol. It is represented in the coat of arms by the three poplar trees, slanting in one direction.
The old name of Vetren dol was "Eli dere", which means "wind nullah".
Some of the local people have the idea to buid a Museum of the wind in Vetren dol. Full information about the local wind will be shown there: air mass, wind speed and very probably this would arouse interest in the tourists.

There is a belief that the local wind is a male wind, because most of the born babies are boys.